"Many people don’t know about hospital schools and even on my teacher training course there are people who don’t know about them. I remember it being a good experience and a supportive and friendly environment."

"I was very shy when I started off in the primary class but once I got to know people my confidence just built. If you can’t get to the schoolroom they bring you a laptop so you can still do your work – you won’t get bored!"

"The change from primary to secondary school can be so hard. I remember being scared but I felt safe at the Hospital School. I hadn’t been in contact with education for about a year but I built up by coming to school for an hour a day."

"I was excluded from school and I was terrified of what was next, but the Hospital School was fantastic – I loved it! The Hospital School has been the lucky piece in the puzzle for me."

"Before, my image of the Hospital School was of a clinical and restrictive place, but it was quite the opposite – I was given a lot of freedom to explore my interests and I learnt a lot."



Chelsea Community Hospital School provides education for children while they are in hospital.

I met with previous students from the school.
We talked about their experiences and together made a portrait.